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With so many of our family and friends living far from us (or is it that we live far from you?), this is our way of keeping you in the loop of the memorable moments of our family! This blog will keep you up-to-date on all of our zany thoughts and experiences, as well as provide you with a plethora of pictures of our handsome sons Luke William and Zealand Gabriel Beck!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn in Carolina

Okay, so it's been a really long time...the boys are practically in college. Alright, it hasn't been that long, but they have grown a bunch! I left off just 2 weeks before vacation, so I'll start there. My parents invited us to stay with them at the Wyndham Cottages in North Myrtle. We shared the cute little cottage with my parents BFFs Jim and Diana and my mom's sister, Aunt Kathy. It was a fun week filled with beach and pool outings, dinners out, a date night for me and Zac and me holding my breath each night hoping someone's laughter or jokes didn't wake up one of the kids. I think that's just a mother's worry, because the kids never woke up to noises and everyone had a great time! We also spent that week spending quality time with Zac's parents, grandpa and his sister and her hubby and two kids, Tadan and AJ. It's fun watching the kids play together now that Luke is a bit older and AJ was just so sweet to little Z. I remember when AJ was just a little tyke and now she's so tall and beautiful. Watch out South Carolina!

Cowboy Luke with cousin Tadan and Uncle Eric in the back

Luke with Kenzie

Zealand with cousin AJ

with the cuzes

the boys with Ama and Poppy


with grandma and papa

with aunt Kathy
Luke helping Papa make coffee
So what's happened since vacation?  Zealand has started crawling and just figuring out how to cruise the furniture.  I think this is tripping Luke out.  One moment he had all his toys to himself, next moment Zealand can zoom across the room and get right to any toy he wants.  Luke is daytime potty trained.  We officially take him outside of the house now in his undies.  We'll give this a while before we start trying at night.  I still need as much sleep as I can get with Zealand waking up once or twice a night.  But we're so proud of Luke and we now have a sticker chart to reward his good behavior and a time out chair for his not so good behavior.

at our fave park
Zealand is eating mostly finger foods now (along with his milk) and we're getting away from the smooshed baby food.  We're now putting them down for bed at the same time at night which is refreshing.  Zealand took to it pretty well.  Our nighttime routine now consists of a horsey/daddy ride into the bedroom, followed by books and songs. 

my prescious
this is south carolina!
My mom just spent a few nights with us. Luke had so much fun with his grandma and Zealand got in some hugs every chance he could. She was a great help to me and even let Zac and I enjoy another date night (Carrabba's...you know it!). We really had a great time with her here and can't wait until her and dad move here for good! ;)

Luke with grandma
me and my boys

eating the halloween pancake grandma got him

Last night we carved a pumpkin with daddy in lead. It was a lot of fun for both boys...Luke got to hold the knife KNIFE once or twice and ZZ (did I mention we sometimes call our Zealand Z.Z., thanks to Luke) got to play with some of the pumpkin insides. Then right before bed we went outside and lit up our jack-o-lantern and both of them were so excited!

Now we have Halloween to look forward to (I'll reveal their costumes on a post-Halloween posting) and Luke's 2nd birthday the following Sunday!

Speer Family 2010 Jack O'

Monday, August 30, 2010

Brothers, Teething and the Beach

So we're really getting used to going to the beach with the boys every week.  A couple of weeks ago we decided to try it even with sprinkling rain coming down on the short drive.  Once we got there, a few clouds lingered, but we had an enjoyable morning...actually probably even better than having to worry about the blazing sun beating down on us.  We've also realized that mornings work out perfect for our little family.  We arrive at the beach, we've only been to Isle of Palms so far, around 10am.  Easy parking and we're on the beach in two minutes.  This last time we even remembered to bring our little beach tent in case Z wanted to nap.  Both boys love the water...and the sand!  Just 2 weeks until our week long beach vacation with my parents in Myrtle.  We can't wait!

In other news, we are teething here.  Zealand's bottom two front teeth just broke through.  He handled it like a champ, but now the top two are working their way in.  Which seems to me that it's a little rougher on him.  Poor guy!  And there is rumor of the two-year molars hitting our other toddler friends and from what I can tell in the few instances I'm able to glance in Luke's mouth, he could be getting them any day...or week. 

An update in the potty training world.  Well, not really any news news.  He's doing great, he can go almost a whole day (while we are at home) without an accident, though he does seek help when it's time to pull down his undies.  Speaking of undies...how cute are little toddler underwear?! 

We are officially members of the South Carolina Aquarium and Children's Museum.  Got a great discount to become members of both and because I have two under two, it was a steal!  Now we have a place to go when it's too hot or rainy to be at one of the many fabulous Charleston parks.  We found one park last week, Wannamaker in North Charleston, that is about 5 minutes from our house and has a sprinkler area that both boys were quite fond of.  This park also has a dog park area and we're going to bring daddy-o and our dear doggies next time!

Yesterday we discovered the park at Charles Towne Landing.  It has a little zoo and a fun ship to explore.  Zac had the day off and the weather was gorgeous...and so was the park!  We took some good shots here.

The most fun of all even while we're getting to know our new town, is watching these boys grow as brothers.  Each day that Zealand is becoming more alert and interactive, the more Luke spends "playing" with him...and for him!  They have an after meal routine where Luke plays peek-a-boo by running around his chair, hiding behind him, then jumping out at him. 
 He cracks up, then Zealand cracks up...and on it goes!  When I get busy with cleaning or something, I'll ask Luke to go dance for Z and he'll go and do what it takes to make his lil bro laugh.  He's even starting to show concern when he can't find his brother (like when he is in our room taking a nap).  So precious!  We're so excited to watch as their bonding continues!