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With so many of our family and friends living far from us (or is it that we live far from you?), this is our way of keeping you in the loop of the memorable moments of our family! This blog will keep you up-to-date on all of our zany thoughts and experiences, as well as provide you with a plethora of pictures of our handsome sons Luke William and Zealand Gabriel Beck!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Grandparents Visit, Chocolate Foil and the Outdoors

What a fun couple of weeks this has been! Grandma and Grandpa Bellacera got to come out for a visit the weekend before Easter weekend. Luke was so excited to see them both. He had fun showing off his vacuuming skills and his new words. Grandma taught him how to say “happy.” And Zealand had plenty of smiles for both of them. A special treat, Grandma and Grandpa offered to babysit while Zac and I went out for dinner. We took them up on the offer and realized during dinner how wonderful the “us” time was.

Then after a short work week for me, we began our 3-day Easter weekend. Each day was sunny and warm which brought on a ton of outdoor time which Luke was thrilled with! He is our little outdoorsman. The minute we come inside after being out, no matter how long we’ve been out, he throws himself to the floor in full dramatics. It’s so hard to keep a straight face.

When we are outside, and we spend plenty of time outside, it’s wild keeping up with the little guy. He’s all over the place exploring everything. Each time a plane flies overhead, he mimics it with his hand and a perfect sound effect.

So on Easter we strolled to downtown Easton with my friend Deanna and her son Elliott, for Luke’s first Easter Egg Hunt. They had sectioned off a corner of the Courthouse lawn for kids under 5. It was hilarious…and quite a juggling act for me. Wearing Zealand in my Sleep Wrap (not the sling that’s been recalled) and holding a camera in one hand, I tried to show Luke that he was to put the eggs in his basket. He wanted nothing to do with that silly basket once he found the chocolate prize in one egg and took a bite so fast I couldn’t grab it before he was chewing on the foil wrapper along with the chocolate dripped out of his mouth. He was mesmerized. Meanwhile, 4-year olds were swarming by collecting all the eggs. In less than 5 minutes, the “hunt” was over and Luke had claimed three eggs!

Next up, the Easter bunny. We all crossed the street to a little park where a small line formed for pictures with the bunny. Luke dialed into him the minute he saw him. He kept pointing and if I’d let him out of his stroller, no doubt he’d have run right up to him. The boy is not shy! We actually learned this last weekend with my parents when we saw the Easter bunny at an event and Luke had walked right up to him then. After just a few minutes, I put him on the bunny’s lap and you can’t tell by his face (unless you know Luke and know that he often has a very serious look on his face, even when he’s having fun) but he was loving it! Through this whole morning, my baby Zealand was just as chill and happy as can be along for the ride. We knew at this point that our little guys were ready to play, so on to Deanna’s house we went and the boys got to play while Zealand got to eat. Aahhhhhh!

Easter Sunday, Luke got his basket, we took a few pictures, and then the family went out for breakfast before daddy had to go to work. Another gorgeous day, we spent most of it outdoors. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

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