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With so many of our family and friends living far from us (or is it that we live far from you?), this is our way of keeping you in the loop of the memorable moments of our family! This blog will keep you up-to-date on all of our zany thoughts and experiences, as well as provide you with a plethora of pictures of our handsome sons Luke William and Zealand Gabriel Beck!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunny Days, Cereal and the Potty

Zac and I said good-bye to some dear friends this week. Kate, Sawyer, Jack and the rest...you will be missed. But we were both very satisfied with the way they went. For those of you who didn't watch Lost, it was a brilliant ending to a very intriguing show. One of our new neighbors introduced the show (already 3 years in the making) 3 years ago when we first moved to Easton...pre-marriage. That summer we didn't have cable and Dave and Megan shared their DVDs with us...and we would find ourselves watching up to 3 episodes back to back in a night, because it was so exciting! We ended up getting cable and have enjoyed our Tuesday nights together, through two pregnancies (not talking about Claire's and Sun's) and many many questions. We'd often go to bed following the show debating the meaning behind this clever story. Alas, we had to say good-bye, and we will always have fond memories of it entertwined with our life as our family began to grow.

So what's new with Luke and Zealand, you ask? All sorts of wild fun! At Luke's 18 month doctor's appointment on May 7th, our doc suggested we introduce the potty to him. We'd already bought a potty and have been showing him it, but not getting crazy with it. But after her "go ahead" we've decided to include it more often in our daily routine. Now, just a couple of weeks later, he will say "pee pee" and we'll disrobe him and bring out the pot and he'll pee pee in the potty...aiming is another thing we'll have to work on ;) We're sooo proud of him! We're not going to rush it by any means, but it's nice to know he knows what it's all about. Luke is at a very fun yet demanding age right now. He's got a little temper which shows most often when he's not allowed to have something that he wants, when he wants it. Who could blame him! But he's also got his hugging down and knows how to squeeze tight, so tight you don't want him to let go! He also repeats almost everything we say now. (The pic above is him saying elbow while aiming for his elbow). So we need to be more careful about what WE are saying. And one of his favorite things to do these days is climb. Our couch is right up against the staircase and let's just say he's navigated his way through the bars, past our gate. So we've had to get a little creative in that department to keep him from escaping to the upstairs.

Our little Zealand is growing and growing and growing. We had his 4 month appointment on May 20th and he ranks in the 72nd percentile for weight and he's off the charts at 98% in height! And his baby blues are hanging in there, the brighest eyes ever!

His big event this month was trying cereal for the first time on May 11th. He wasn't too down with it that night, but two weeks later he's sitting in the high chair and happily eating up to 2 Tbs. He can roll over from his tummy to his back and we're pretty sure he's snuck in some rolls from his back to tummy, but we haven't witnessed it firsthand yet.

Oh yeah, one more thing...when you ask Luke "who's Luke?" he points to himself and says "me!" with a huge, proud smile!

Life is good!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son?

Oh, where have you been, my darling young one?

Those are the first couple of lines of lyrics from Bob Dylan's "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" which Zac is often found singing to Zealand while playing his guitar. Of course, he did sing that song to Luke too...just changed up the words a bit to fancy our brown-eyed boy.

The real question is where did his blue eyes come from? Well, Zac's Grandma Polly Speer has beautiful blue eyes. And my Grandma Rose Bellacera had gorgeous blue eyes.

Our doc says that eye color can still change before they're six months old, but we're pretty confident that our little Zealand will one day be using those bright eyes to woo some of his college coeds!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pa Pa's Birthday Weekend

I thought I had beat the rush hour traffic last Friday on my way to my parents house (a.k.a. grandma and grandpa's house). I was 90 minutes in to my 2 hour drive with my two babes asleep in their car seats. As I merged onto 66, we came to a sudden stop. I look around me and I see car after car, bumper to bumper covering five lanes of roadway for as far as I could see. It was a perfect sunny and warm afternoon. There was an executive in a convertible next to me puffing on his cigar. He wasn't in traffic at all, he was chilling out maxin' relaxin' all cool on some island somewhere...if only in his mind. But he definitely wasn't letting it stress him. I wasn't stressed yet either. And then....Luke woke up. He'd only slept for about 30 minutes and was not thrilled about this. Then Zealand woke up. They both were just checking out the situation, at first. But after about 5 minutes of nothing, they were over it...as was I. But I couldn't cry, I wanted to and I told them that. I called grandma and told her about our situation and I mentioned trying to merge over and get off the next exit because I knew Zealand would be hungry soon. I was trying to imagine myself nursing Zealand while my toddler sat strapped in his car seat patiently waiting for Z's belly to be full. Yeah.......... and then, the cars started clearing, we had passed the accident on the side of the road and were free. All of a sudden, it seemed like we were alone on the road. Going 60 with the windows down, the warm breeze calmed my boys. I cheered "go, go, go"...as Luke copied "go, go" and we made it to grandma's just in time to feed Z before he really knew how hungry he was.

It was my dad's birthday weekend. Luke loved every minute of it...watching huge airplanes flying overhead (Dulles Airport isn't too far from their house, so they get the huge airliners compared to Easton's teeny propeller planes), snuggling with grandma, leading papa to the backyard by grabbing papa's finger with his little hand, chasing Cooper (mom and dad's lab), meeting Ruby (my mom's very timid yet lovable cat), and playing ping pong...or shall we say standing on the ping pong table as dad, Stephen and I played around him. Both boys even did really well at dad's birthday dinner Saturday at a real live restaurant...Logan's Roadhouse, that is. I had a bottle on hand for Zealand, which he never really needed and Uncle Stephen kept Luke entertained with airplanes, straws, and even a walk to the fire pit, or stove, whatever it was that the fire was flying out of. I must add too that the boys slept fabulously both nights. On Sunday, we met Sue and her family for lunch which was not quite like our old days at Carrabba's where we would sip on red wine and Carrabaritas. Instead it was a whirlwind of which kid needed what when. Still fun catching up though!

The grand finale of the weekend was driving across the bridge and meeting daddy at the Boat Show on the bay. We had missed him so much over the weekend, it was really a fun surprise for Luke to wake up from his nap and see his daddy standing in front of him. We took a little walk around the show gazing at dreamy boats that maybe one day we can afford. All in all, it was a really fun weekend and I am so proud of my boys!