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With so many of our family and friends living far from us (or is it that we live far from you?), this is our way of keeping you in the loop of the memorable moments of our family! This blog will keep you up-to-date on all of our zany thoughts and experiences, as well as provide you with a plethora of pictures of our handsome sons Luke William and Zealand Gabriel Beck!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're moving to Charleston, Baby!

As most of you know, since most of you are Facebook Friends of one of us, we are moving to Charleston, SC in 8 days! Mr. Zachary Speer got a promotion to run the Downtown Charleston store and with two weeks notice, we'll be road-tripping it with two little boys and two dogs in tow. Next Friday is our departure date from the lovely Eastern Shore. Ah, it twas a place with many memories. A place I am happy to have memories of. Zac and I married just 3 months after we moved there and of course, two babies followed in the next two years.

On Friday, we will make a stop in Manassas, Virginia to visit Grandma and Papa. Though we won't be living 2 hours from them, and I know they are sad, it will be a wonderful moment when they are able to relocate and retire in South Carolina in, what Papa, 2 years ;) They have spent so much time with the boys, building a strong bond with them. Luke can point them out in pictures and gets so excited just to hear me say Papa or grandma. With this relationship secure, the bi-monthly visits that they are sure to make will only keep it growing! So don't be sad, mom and dad, we're not that far away and through Skyping and plentiful visits, you'll be retired and living close before you know it!

On Saturday, we will make the 7 hour drive...with Zealand and Luke, make that 8 hour drive...to Zac's parent's house in North Myrtle Beach, SC. It sounds like we'll have a fun day with them and his sis, Mere and her family and niece, Jesse (who is visiting from CO). This will be Zealand's official introduction to his SC fam. He'll turn on his charm...he's going to be a southern gentleman now, after all! He's so excited to meet his Ama and Poppy...Luke has been telling him all about them! And it'll be wonderful watching Luke play with his cousins AJ, Tadan and Jess since last time we visited Luke was barely walking. Now, full of Toddler energy, I know he'll have a blast with them!

We're still practicing Zealand's sitting, which he mostly balances himself on his hands. Of course with our big move looming, most of our "us" time is him watching us pack boxes. Luke is on hand to entertain though. Each day they interact more and more. Zealand is IN LOVE with his big bro and just lights up each time Luke comes around, even if it is to harass him. We keep reminding Luke that Z will be just as big (or bigger) than him one day, so he needs to take it easy!

They are both growing so fast! Luke is now stringing two words together. The first was BIG TRUCK. So cute! And I've heard him ask for DOGGIE-TREAT and HI DADDY. Zealand has been eating up peas and bananas now. He loves it all, he especially loves to put his hand in his mouth after each bite so it gets extra messy! He's also talking up a storm...I really think he'll be a talker. Last night I think he spent an entire half hour after Luke went to bed just babbling to me. And where Luke started with DaDaDaDa, my Z has started with MaMaMaMa. :) And he's definitely teething, poor little guy!

A sad note about us leaving is Luke having to say good-bye to his Abby Abo. That's our babysitter Meagan's daughter, Abby...which she nicknames Abby Boo Boo and that's where we assume Luke came up with his name for her "Abby Abo". Sooo cute! He's watched her grow since she was just 8 weeks old and she just turned 1 yesterday! Here's a picture of Abby on her birthday and of Meagan with Luke at 10 months. Oh, and congratulations to Meagan...she's due to have her second little girl at the end of summer! I just have to say that having to find someone to watch your kids while you go to work every day is hard enough and I feel so very lucky we found Meagan. She made it easier to know that the boys were with someone who really cared about them and that Luke also had a playmate. Thanks Meagan for everything!

Hope everyone had a very happy 4th of July!